Entry #1

Hai thar.

2010-08-14 01:13:34 by Di-0XiDE

Well hello to you all. I am Di-0xide (aka Qix, SiNT4X, Intocksify, m0nk3yi3unz, Choob, or just plain JD), and I'm here to simply share my little fooling around-edness channeled through both music and fun flash creations.

This first post is basically me telling you that I am here to stay.

I've been doused and dampened into parts of the world of NewGrounds, either through friends or by luck, but I've never really seen a need to create an account until just a few short weeks before this.

Have no fear, though -- I'll probably be updating this account with new songs and flash applications as I see fit. I like what Newgrounds is doing and I'm sure to stick around for a little while!


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2010-08-14 01:58:55